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Jun 29, 2010



I've finally gotten to the point where I feel confident doing simple demos - if only of scales, arpeggios, and other demo-of=principle exercises. I've bought Adobe Elements 8, and am puzzling out how to produce a reasonable demo, with captions etc.  Stay tuned.


[this is good] Thanks for the tips - I don't often get a chance to check out lots of software, and to find the perfect tool to do the job. I visualize the tool I want, look for it, and when I find a tool that is "good enough", stop. This is a reasonably efficient way to use my time.

With the table-driven KeyBoard Integrator, with change-able tables, I think that it will be reasonably easy for anyone to configure any alternate keyboard as one wishes. That is my hope.



My guess is that you want one single piece of software as your Integrator.

I guess it depends on how well the overall system is integrated

If you don't mind using yet another software most of the things you want are there already.

Referring to your Integrator diagram...

Midi Keyboard A "Left" - done - with MAX/MSP or PureData patch

Midi Keyboard B "Right" - done - with MAX/MSP or PureData patch

PC Keyboard - done - via Virtual Midi Controller from SoundCo then to a patch

Mouse - could be done via Virtual Midi Controller
    I never tested that function

Joystick - could be done via Virtual Midi Controller
    I tested this one but find the joystick I got limiting so I never use it

Midi Keyboards - done - I tested a Yamaha keyboard through the patch

At the moment, I am using 2 instances of PureData each with its own version of the
mapping software. It would be nice to have one piece of software that all the above are connected to.

I have spent some time trying to integrate all the pieces. The most like candidate is to
produce a VST with multiple virtual devices that can be enabled and
disabled. But that is not my short term aim.

I already have
* Octave shift
* Key change
* Channel change

Next things on the list are
* Sustain
* Sustain on/off
* Midi Panic
* One button chord (?)
* Style File

-- MusicLearner


Thank you - I really need feedback to create a decent product.

As well, I'm hoping Eric (MusicLearner) will see if Integrator can be coded in PD, a related but free version.


John M.

[this is good] I'm sending in my keyboards this week to be updated so I should have them ready pretty soon, and boy am I excited =) I'd love to be a part of testing your new software if you need any feedback.

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