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Feb 26, 2011



Thanks for the feedback, I'm thinking of writing a better, simpler patch for the axis. Let me know what you'd like improved.



and...sorry for the buzz. i downloaded your application and found the max patch :-) cool!!! i'll post a picture here when i have done the "bassaxis"


sorry just realized your probably not ken...


hello ken,

i am a bassplayer/synthplayer from switzerland...up until now i used to play bass and had a usb midi keyboard attached to the bass body. that way i could play the bass and some synths at the same time. however today i got myself a axis 49 since it has more notes in a smaller "case". i plan to attach the axis to my bass instead of the midi keyboard. i found your blog via youtube links of someone playing the axis 49. i would really like to use the w/h layout and wanted to ask you if you could send me the actual max/msp patch. first of all because i am on a mac system and you seem to work with windows and second because i like to integrate it with my current max/msp patch which also incorporates a modified behringer fcb1010 for "foot" bass... i would be very grateful! thanks for doing this blog by the way!!

best, simon

simoniten at swissonline dot ch

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