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Jun 10, 2012


Ingrid Ojala

I'd love more details for our choir of around 40!

jeff Lyon

How inventive!

I'd love to have the details on this shell. It looks like it would be perfect for our church's multi-purpose room when we have our Christmas and Easter programs.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Joanna Davis

Hello, Ken

Could you please send me the details? I am a Sweet Adeline from Northern California and am in charge of our regional competition in April. We had been using a choral shell belonging to the Calif. Music Educators (CMEA) for our 13+ choruses of about 500 singer - but the shell is no longer available and I can't find another shell in all of California ... and the cost of purchasing a shell is quite prohibitive.

I would be grateful to see your solution.


jeff Lyon

What a great idea! I'd love to have more details. Could you send them to me? THANKS!

Zeke Johnstone

Hi Ken,

That is some amazing work you guys did on your shell!

I am helping with an event where there will be 500 teenagers singing. The venue is in a fair ground pavilion and the sound is terrible. Can you send me the details for building this choral shell. Thank you so much.

Mike Maughan

Hello Ken, thanks for posting this and generously offering to share the details! We have a choir of 60 as well and are always looking for ways to enhance our and the audience's experience. By all means, please let us have more details we can decide whether to mount a project to build one. We are the High Spirits Choral Society in Vancouver BC, musical director Ieva Wool. My name is Mike Maughan, Board President of HSCS. Thanks again!

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