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Mar 01, 2013



Check out this video of someone playing a piano patch with the Ableton Push: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8Yl0aUcE54


What particular "tuning" have you found to work best when turning a pair of Axis into a jammer? In other words, where do you place middle C on each board and what led you to that decision? I am a musician fed up with trying to learn piano-style keyboard and considering making the commitment to learn to play a jammer.

As an aside, you should take another look at Push. I initially dismissed it for the same reason you did, but it actually includes an isomorphic keyboard mode for composition. Being a rectangular grid, its functionality is a bit limited compared to something like the axis, but it's still really cool to see a feature like this being released and marketed in such a mainstream way.

Ken Rushton

I have used the iJammer app by Tradlessons. It's pretty good, and I always mean to write a nice review of it, but my time gets sucked into a vortex.

The Musix Application appears to be excellent, and I should try it out. I especially like the fact that one can trigger two notes at once with one finger - a very, very useful ability on real jammers.

Ableton's Push really does not sound too exciting to me, as it's not an instrument.



have you checked out "musix" or ableton's new push?


Yes Ken, It is me the Brett Park that makes Musix and Musix Pro. As for staking a claim, I personally don't feel that isomorphic layouts can be "claimed". They are simply a set of two numbers that product a note layouts. I can generate every possible layout and present them all in many ways. Much like you cannot patent the string note layouts on a guitar I don't feel that an isomorphic layout can be patented. But this is a whole separate issue :-)

In our app we do have two layouts (Gerhard and Park) simply because they were two ones that we enjoyed that had no formal name :-)

As for findings, I am getting close to publishing the most compressive set of information on all isomorphisms ever made ... perhaps I should try to claim all of them (just a joke) :-)

Ken Rushton

I use a "Jammer Keyboard" layout, technically known as a Wicki-Hayden layout. You can read about it in Wickipedia.
I do have them mirrored, a new concept in instruments, and find this is really good ~ 60% skill transfer (both long-term and short-term) between hands.

I presume you are the Brett Park that has staked a claim on one on the isomorphic layouts?
Be aware that calim won't stick unless you publish your findings.


What layout do you use for your keyboard? As well, I'm assuming you have the left and right hand mirrored?

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