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Jan 18, 2014


Ken Rushton

Metrics-taking is under consideration; it would be really good to have numbers.
However, it and deep practice kinda conflict with each other. Before the session, I'm mentally getting ready for it, planning it and getting in the zone. And after I've finished a round, my mind is tired.

Somehow, however, I'll set up a system. Thus far I've been doing 1-2 60-90 minute sessions, plus big breaks between.


Thanks for the roundup of these books. On your recommendation I've purchased The Talent Code.

I look forward to hearing how your jammer practice goes. Are you planning to track any metrics besides minutes spent in practice (ex. working through a list of pieces, counting mistakes while playing a specific piece, or scales, or something?) For some people having measurable goals helps me get through those plateaus where it doesn't seem like I'm learning enough to be worth the time.

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