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Jun 18, 2007



That's the Idea.  I'm enjoying my newest portable jammer btw.


[this is good] Very cool & you took my years of music theory and mathematics to another level by simply adding the colors:)  

Thanks a ton for your efforts!

William Croft

OK, weird the link above goes to Paul's gallery page (index.html), if you go to index.htm instead you get the janko pages: monxmood.free.fr/index.htm .

William Croft

However as Paul Hirsh points out extensively on his website, monxmood.free.fr , the isometric Janko layout excels in the case where you want to improvise melodic lines.  This is because intervals have the same spacing throughout the keyboard.  And when you hear the melody first in your head as you are composing it, you want to then simply reach for next note by its interval from the previous note.

jjj from Chile

Hi Ken,

Sorry, I was a bit too fast, because you did give some details, here:( http://musicscienceguy.vox.com/library/posts/

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