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Mar 30, 2009



Very nice! I'm wondering if I could use some of these photos on my thesis concerning alternative keyboards..?


[this is good] a bit late, but... Thanks for showing the key construction, I always wondered if they were mechanical or membrane.

Jim Plamondon

[this is good]

This key mechanism is what Thumtronics should have used in the Thummer.


I assume you are talking about the instrument you were talking about on DIYKeyboard.org. I wouldn't call your very interesting project a "toy" - it looks very unique and has possibilities for cool enhancements.

But the Axis-49 is definitely no toy. While the people making them place them as a smaller, casual-use device compared to the Axis-64, I think that two of the units (one for each hand), plus a cheap Korg NanoPad or E-MU Xboard 25 would make for a really top-end musical instrument.

I have questions about just how easy it's velocity-sensitivity is to use, but I'll wait a few months until I know the keyboard better.  Stay tuned for posting on how I find learning it.


What I meant to say, was: this makes my project look like a toy.


[das ist gut] Wait, so these _are_ velocity-sensitive?



To answer some of the above questions,
What are your initial thoughts about making a similar device?

It's time to learn to play it, not build more.

2. ...does anybody know who their manufacturer is...?
When I rebuild my keys to the jammer colour pattern, I'll look to see if it says on the switches.

BTW, thanks, HarperJohn for cross-posting the link to the C-Thru forum.



those dual contact membrane switches must be a standardized component of some sort right? does anybody know who their manufacturer is or where to get em? I'm searching mouser for em but coming up dry

William Croft

It makes sense for C-Thru to do this with membrane switches to keep the cost down.  But as you say, the build quality here looks excellent.  I recall photos of the larger C-Thru showed large hunks of machined aluminum key bottom plate, etc.  This is the right way to go...

William Croft

[c’est top] Ken, thanks for cracking it open!  Here are the controller data sheets:

dsPIC33FJ, the key scanner

PIC18LF, the general controller and USB interface


[this is good]

Thanks for being the "fall guy"! Very interesting info!

I got my AXiS-49 on 3/26/09.

!! NOTE !! I had trouble installing it on one of my computers. It turns out the "class compliant" midi devices can have a conflict with logitech web cams...


This solved the problem.

Anyway, I had some time to play with the "49" this weekend and I like it a lot!!!

What are your initial thoughts about making a similar device?

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