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Apr 01, 2009


Keats' Handwriting

Yeah you really hit it on the head everybody- I've been thinking for a long time about how the layout of the traditional keyboard just doesnt make any sense.  The thought of memorizing dozens of fingering which are essentially random rather than based upon a structure which I can remember- yuck!!

I just play in C and Am.... hehe...


[this is good] I daresay you're not greatly set in your ways.
I'd love to see how a young person with a flexible brain - not like my old, fossilized noogin - with already developed keyboard skills, does with an axis or jammer.


John M.

I am a pianist with more than five years of experience and I LOVE alternative layouts!!!Then again, I'm 17 and have hated the piano for a long time, ever since I realized how ridiculous it is.Don't get me wrong.  I love the Sound of the piano, and I love the Repertoire of the piano, and I love the Musical Possibilities of the piano.But boy do I hate the piano =PI'm only just catching up on all of this sites posts, but decided that it was worth pointing out that there is an exception to the rule.


Jim Plamondon

Ken wrote that "Here’s a tip based on several years experience: you’ll never convince a keyboard player with 5 or more years of experience that this is a great keyboard."

This matches my experience, too. Guitar players get it right away; it's like a "keyboard with a capo." Players of band and orchestral instruments get it. But by and large, experienced pianists either don;t get it or, when they do get it, are horrified by the thought that novices might use it to gain, easily, skills that take pianists a lifetime of struggle...and greater expressive power, too (with the Thummer, anyway).


The next challenge, of course is to actually practice, practice, practice, and practice effectively. A light portable unit was "key" (pun intended) to my plans. As well I have a trick or two to come out soon involving ... karaoke of all things. Stay tuned!

Also, I hope to talk the C-Thru people into letting me manage a forum on their site. Lets see if they do.



[this is good]

Good on you, Ken.

I can tell that you are a happy man right now :-)

It is encouraging to see you preserve that far.

What keyboard layout have you tried with the Axis-49?

Looking forward to hear about your experience on this new layout.


I have been drawn to the dark side a bit - playing on the standard keyboard with my method of moving the root note around. Currently, the keyboard does not seem to be a limitation any more. I also switch to the numbered notation. The notation also stops to be a limiation. The last limitation left seems to be "me".


Music Learner

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