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Dec 11, 2010



Joe, I'm afraid I can't be of much help with interfacing to Ableton, as I've never used it.
While it looks like a good system, and Max supports it well through Live, I've never had the time.

Try it, it does not look that hard. When you do get it working, please let us know your findings. Note that all my source code is available and fairly well annotated. Let me know where the manual is confusing!

Thus grows our expertise.

Joe Oppenheimer

Hi Ken,

I have found and downloaded your Midi Integrator on the road to achieving my ultimate busking setup - which involved controlling Ableton from a Bluetooth keyboard, at least for now.

I'm looking forward to learning more about Max and such figuring out how to navigate your program, but what I need first... Is to get Midi Integrator talking to Ableton. Then I can properly use my keyboard to control loops - as each one talks directly to a looper function AND chooses the right audio pathway, sending MIDI through your program.

What is it I need to do?


Ken Rushton

Sergio, I can't make out much of the theory, as it's in a language I don't know.
What I can understand seems a relatively straightforward restating of music theory and using it to build several musical patterns.


Ken Rushton

I thought that people can see my email address on this blog. My email address is "MusicScienceGuy" (capitalization not important) (At) Shaw.ca

Alternately, you can try bogrushton ((a.t.)) gmail.com


Baros, I'll email you.

Sergio Aschero


Sergio Aschero
Aschero's Numberphony


Hey Ken

I would like to quote you and use some of your pictures in a presentation. I would also like to contribute with a detailed description of a great keyboard for your site, altkeyboards.com.

I have no clue on how to contact you so please send me a mail at baros_ilogic \at/ yahoo.com


Hello Ken,
been following sporadically since the demise of the Thummer. Was one of those who actually hoped for an easy and logical instrument to learn and express myself.

Wanted to bring to your attention a couple of projects that look interesting:


And this other one:


Also wanted to mention that the website http://www.wicki.org.uk/ is not available any more.
Would it be possible to host that thummer flash app in altkeyboards?

Regarding notation and music theory theres an argentinian guy called Sergio Aschero who has been working for years on the subject of a new scientifical musical notation. His work is only in spanish but it is worth checking out: http://ascheropus.blogspot.co.uk/
It is very disorganized but it is mindblowing. I've only found one document in english, it's a little teaser and not very well translated. http://ascheropus.blogspot.co.uk/2008/01/ascheros-numberphony.html
The reason i am mentioning this is because he assigns a colour to each note (including accidentals) just like you did, only different colours.

Ernest Olsen

I have spent the last 1/2 hour trying to figure out how to contact you again. Where are the days of simple e-mails.

That vented.

I would like to thank you for guiding me through my purchase of my Axis 49, even though it did have problems. I love it.

Since then I have also bought a Korg Microkey and I am currenntly lusting after a Roland ax-09 shoulder Synth.

As a returning favor, I would like to give you a grand stanza sheet that I created with Autocad as a PDF file that can maybe help beginning musicians like me. I think it addresses all the complaints that I have with staffs. How do I send you the PDF file so that if you think it is a worthwhile contribution for us neophytes you can post it.

Do you have a face page, if so could you friend me.



Hi Ken Im an Axis user and just want to share this link with you and your bloggers, finally someone did it: http://soundbuilders.lvl1.org/discussion/20/project-ax15-64-the-axis-64-clone/p1



I have moved to Typepad from Vox.com. Many links do not work well - they take you to my TypePad home page, instead of the proper subject.

I've been moving to a full, properly desisgned website at http://sites.google.com/site/altkeyboards/ this website is a much better source of information on all things involving innovative instruments.

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