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Apr 20, 2011



There are also alternative softwares, such as Frets on Fire (opensource) or Synthesia (free, except for the Learning pack), the latter being able to play any midi file as a classic sheet.



I am classically trained myself, but there are many children (and adults) with talent and enthusiasm for music that are lost for the very reasons you name.

Having other choices for people is perfect.


Yes, it should work. Michael Eskin has this:
Also, see iXY MIDI Motion Machine
and iXY MIDI Controller

This should be very cool. I won't pursue this, as I'm focusing on learning the jammer. But please try it and let us know of the quirks, pitfalls and successes!

Ken. ;))


How interesting,

Sounds like this method works with anything midi. I'm guessing Musix or other iPad Apps should be able to be an interface for Rock Band 3 as well if they support core midi (which Musix will soon).

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