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Apr 06, 2011


Ken Rushton

Hi Michael.

-Axis to play a chromatic B-system layout?
No problem, just code the translation rules into a .Txt file using any editor. I lay this all out in my manual.

-What is the latency like?
It's about zip. The Cycling'74 people have been at this a loooong time. Latency due to bugs in Window's battery-monitoring routine, that's a different story.

- And it looks like this is only for PC.
I have been told that it works fine for the Mac, provided you set up your Mac with the right, free stuff from C'74 gang. Someone said he was having trouble, and I never heard back.

I've grown tired of the interface - it's too busy. I plan to simplify it.

Michael Sintros

This looks really interesting! So if I understand correctly, this could be used to allow the Axis to play a chromatic B-system layout? What is the latancy like? And it looks like this is only for PC. Do you know of or are you developing a Mac program to do the same?


Oh, you thanked me - letting me know you were using the tool successfully is thanks enough.


Great work, Ken!

I've been playing with Wicki-Hayden layouts using my own utility to map PC keys to MIDI Out... it serviced my jammer needs but was lacking velocity and range. So I finally bought an Axis-49 a few months ago and have been jamming using your previous utility (Axis Tweaker). Then more recently, I rearranged the button caps to what you might categorize as "Strong Piano and Subtle Minor Thirds Colour Scheme" (i.e. Eb,C,A,F# are light/dark blue). I visited your website to check where you put C keys and discovered Midi Integrator was released... great timing for me, as I was almost about to write my own quick hack to get the full range out of the Axis-49 via selfless mode.

Thanks again!


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