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Dec 08, 2014


Ken Rushton

The Dualo People do indeed have a special notation for their keyboard - it's not bad at all. See their site. I hope you speak French. :)

Johannes K. Drinda

The most interesting on the Dualo is its ergonomic layout.
After finishing my Janko adapter project, I will try to create a Dualo type of Kbd and wire it like a 4-row Janko accordion and connect it via MIDI to my Tyros3.
I wished I could add a compact, great sounding sound generator so, it would be portable. Maybe via Android?
Also, adding bellow shake would make it close to a Roland accordion... on the cheap! :)

Johannes K. Drinda

Interesting thing! I wonder if there's any special notation for it, because that's the fastest way to learn playing this layout?

Ken Rushton

The battery died on my Dualo, just as i was going to give it a review and I've only just got it back (the Dualo people were great at repairing it BTW).

The buttons are indeed the least part of the instrument, at least to one who is used to a piano or jammer action. However, the fingers may adapt: time will tell.

A review will only be slowly forthcoming: Im busy having summer fun.


David Taylor

Thank you for your three blog entries on the Dualo; I am very interested in this instrument and it's not an easy one to explore. The one point not touched on in your blogs is: How *playable* is this instrument?

Specifically, what are the key surfaces made out of? Are they smooth and easy to glide over, or are they made out of that rubbery silicon that makes it hard to play smoothly. What is the action like -- is there tactile feedback so you can feel when you've triggered a note? Are the notes easily triggered, or does it take a deliberate press to get each one?

As I'm sure you know, the difference between a wonderful idea and a truly playable instrument can be vast if the keyboard itself isn't properly executed. I have a number of exciting pieces of technology on my shelve to prove it. '-/

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