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Mar 06, 2015


Ken Rushton

Sorry to be tardy in replying - I'm on the US East Coast on vacation.

I used the DPC latency checker, to see if anything obvious was amiss - but this checker runs inside of windows, so perhaps doesn't see what is happening in the real world.
The real test would have been to record the sound of a key being pressed, and the following sound of the synth software creating the sound, then eyeball the lag using audio software, i.e. Audacity. That I didn't do.

However I'm pretty confident that the Max/MSP note remapping is very fast - in the order of microseconds; it's designed to be very fast, even a decade ago when machines were much slower.
That leaves the sound creation software, the virtual synth. I use Kontakt 5. When I set up Kontakt's preferences, it estimated the latency would be 1 ms in the sound card (it talks directly, I gather, to the Creative sound card), and 1 ms in Kontakt itself.
This is what I hoped for, and my ear reports that the latency is very low.

Ken Rushton, MusicScienceGuy

Carl Lumma

Thanks for looking into this. How did you measure the latencies?

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